Boomerang – Affiliate Program 2023

If you search for an appropriate affiliate program to join, Boomerang partners offer the same deal as everyone else and more. Essentially, you generate traffic to their casino in exchange for a revenue share commission. But peculiar affiliate program details, such as negative balance compensated by the company, approachable affiliate managers, and higher income make it unique.

Know Your Customer: Boomerang Game & Casino Software

Before you’re ready to shake hands with a potential partner, you must educate yourself on the product you’ve committed to advertising to decide if it will suit the needs of your audience. Basically, you have to figure out whether people who visit your webpage would like to click on these particular ads.

Boomerang incorporates multiple casinos and betting platforms under its umbrella. All of them are legitimate: the company acquired licenses for them in Curaçao. Yet, it doesn’t mean that they are variations of the same game.

Boomerang - Affiliate Program 2023

With Boomerang partners, you have a variety of brands to pick from. Opt for the ones that will satisfy the demand of your target demographic best:

  • Boomerang Casino has the widest collection of games.
  • FGFOX is the freshest & most user-friendly platform.
  • BetiBet combines gambling with betting capabilities.
  • BINGOBONGA is for those who seek something cool and fun.
  • LAMABET will welcome nostalgic players soon to mesmerize them with the 8-bit design.
  • ZOTABET provides gambling and betting services to Australians.
  • 0xBET ( is a “crypto-only” platform.
  • WIZEBETS matches the highest honesty and transparency standards.

Boomerang Partners Affiliate Program: General Outline

Capturing the basic guidelines of the Boomerang partners affiliate program is an easy task. If you participated in any form of affiliate marketing, you are already familiar with the formula. In case you don’t have this kind of experience in your portfolio, here is the algorithm:

  1. The company provides you with advertising layouts or creatives (e.g., banners, images, or logos) that have your referral links to the platforms you are promoting.
  2. You post it on your website, application, personal blog, or social media post.
  3. When your visitors click on it, they are transferred to the promoted platform. Provided that they take the desired action (in this case, make a deposit), you get your remuneration in a form of a commission.

Still, there are some dos & don’ts you need to keep in mind to avoid troubles. Naturally, you want a guarantee that your partner transfers your funds in full without any scams. Therefore, it is the company’s right to expect fair play from you in return. Hence, you should be aware that they will monitor your activity as a program participant to spot any fraudulent activity.

Acceptable Behavior Unwelcome Actions
Submit ideas for better advertising and promotion Generating traffic that is not organic, such as inviting your relatives or referring professional players with malicious intentions
Check and analyze your statistics to calculate your profits or plan your strategy Initiating promotional campaigns (e.g., e-mail or SMS marketing and loyalty programs with cashback offers)

Affiliate Program Details: Commission & Monthly Payments

Boomerang - Affiliate Program 2023

So, you know how you can earn your reward. Yet, it is also vital to understand the math behind the figures.

The Boomerang partners affiliate program equips you with three ways to generate income:

  • CPA (cost per action);
  • Revenue share;
  • Hybrid.

Briefly, the standard structure of your commission looks like this:

First-time deposits (FTD) % of net gaming revenue (NGR)*
0 25
1-5 30
6-10 35
11-20 40
21-30 45
≧ 31 50

* NGR = gross gaming revenue (GGR) x 80% – bonuses awarded – manual casino bonus – 5% x (deposits + withdrawals)

Boomerang partners apply certain rules to help this cooperation stay profitable:

  • You can promote different brands simultaneously, and they won’t affect each other’s NGR.
  • Ads Global Limited covers your financial risks up to 10 000 euros. This means that you won’t carry your negative NGR balance into the next month unless it’s bigger than this sum.

For example:

Brand 1: – 12000 NGR

Brand 2: 6000 NGR

Brand 3: – 10000 NGR

Let’s say that you have a 50% revenue share deal. Then your NGR balance and payouts will be like this in the next month:

Brand 1: – 2000 NGR, 0 EUR;

Brand 2: 0 NGR, 3000 EUR;

Brand 3: 0 NGR, 0 EUR.

You can withdraw the funds at least once a month: withdrawals frequency depends on the volume of profits generated from delivered customers. Boomerang grants you a wide selection of payment options, including popular digital wallets (e.g., Neteller or Skrill), cryptocurrency transactions (in bitcoin, for instance), or bank wire transfers.

The Verdict: Is Boomerang Partners a Deal to Recommend?

Overall, it is a true challenge to stumble upon an upsetting or negative experience among Boomerang partners’ affiliate program reviews. Existing Boomerang affiliates give it special credit for the high conversion rates and knowledgeable customer support specialists.

Boomerang - Affiliate Program 2023

Still, should you join this particular program, or should you continue your quest? Boomerang partners have some unparalleled characteristics that you might view as unbeatable advantages when it comes to online casino marketing:

  • The company exerts its effort to contribute to the cause. They provide a welcome bonus to attract new players and have a retention department to get back the old ones. They also design new banners and creatives for each sport event to help convert the referred players.
  • Your vision and suggestions matter. If you have an idea for a promotion opportunity, you can send a request and get the company’s approval.
  • It presents you with the tools for keeping an eye on analytics and statistics. You will be able to keep track of your performance.
  • Brand’s metrics do not intertwine and there is no negative carryover.
  • It accepts almost any sort of traffic, including casino websites, apps, Facebook/TikTok/Google search ads, and blogs.
  • There is always a way to withdraw your money that will be convenient.
  • Only experts have permission to operate within the sacred realm of customer service. That’s why support specialists here are effective, accessible, responsive, friendly, and able to speak your language.
  • Any user who values time will be happy to recommend this casino affiliate due to its unprecedentedly fast payouts.
  • Its easy-to-use interface allows you to effortlessly navigate the platform and focus on the core subject instead of technicalities.

It’s always a pleasure to deal with the Boomerang affiliate program. During the last decade, it managed to establish an excellent reputation in the industry of online gambling, and it is well-deserved. This is a legit and first-class gambling affiliate that is ready to offer great service with an extensive set of instruments for anyone who is looking to work with one of the world’s favorite iGaming companies.

Please, contact us if you have any questions or inquiries about this program. Also, feel free to help us with your information and experience.

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