Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2023

A Bitcoin casino affiliate program uses BTC as its primary payment method. A lot of players and bettors use this digital asset for deposits and withdrawals — so it would be only natural if marketers opt for it as well. Read this article to find out about the best Bitcoin casino affiliate programs and get to know why you may want to join them!

Benefits of Crypto Casino Affiliate Programs

Crypto affiliate programs are a business with a low entry threshold and a shallow learning curve. Nearly anyone can join it, regardless of their education and work qualifications.

People prefer to gamble with BTC and not fiat money for these reasons:

  • It’s a new fascinating experience
  • With crypto, it’s easier to separate one’s daily expenses from one’s gambling budget
  • Selected casinos, games and promotions are BTC-specific
  • The terms of carrying out financial transactions with crypto are more lucrative than with fiat

The crypto gambling sector is rapidly growing. On the one hand, people don’t perceive it as a disruptive and innovative technology anymore. Cryptocurrencies have been around for over a decade. On the other hand, this market is far from the saturation point. The audience that you can potentially target as a marketer remains very large.

Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2023

Many affiliate partners prefer to receive payments in BTC because:

  • It’s fast, secure and convenient
  • They don’t pay large fees for cross-border transactions
  • They use Bitcoin for investments

With some programs, the terms for BTC affiliates might be more lucrative than for marketers who stick to fiat — but it’s not always the case.

Many casinos and affiliate programs support both crypto and fiat, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Why Bitcoin and Not Any Other Cryptocurrency

Many gambling affiliate programs as well as gambling and betting sites support both Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Yet BTC is the best crypto for marketers and players for the following reasons:

  • It’s easy to buy and sell it: it has a huge user base and nearly all trading platforms support it
  • Compared to altcoins, it’s easier to convert it into a fiat currency
  • Even though the BTC price is volatile, it has good odds of remaining high or very high in the foreseeable future
  • Since it’s the pioneering cryptocurrency, it should be the least likely to collapse
  • Bitcoin’s creator built it on a powerful and unique technological base, which is not always the case with other cryptocurrencies
  • The Bitcoin network keeps steadily developing and innovating
  • The policies of the Bitcoin network are reasonable and sustainable

In a nutshell, BTC is safer, more popular and more user-friendly than its alternatives.

What You’ll Need to Do as an Igaming Affiliate

Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2023

A dedicated affiliate manager will be assigned to you as soon as you join the program. They will provide you for free with the marketing materials that you’ll use to promote the casino. They will nurture you from scratch if you lack experience and will be always ready to consult you.

Your mission will be to convince people to sign up and start playing games at the best casino they can possibly find. You’ll need to create an attractive image of the platform that you’ll be promoting. It’s important to know the chosen casino inside out.

You’ll be acting as a webmaster. You should build a website or landing page where you’ll familiarize the audience with the platform that you promote. It would be great to provide a detailed casino review there. However, you shouldn’t simply copy and paste the information from the official casino website to yours. Instead, it’s important to create a unique text. Similarly, the design of your site shouldn’t mimic the looks of the casino interface.

When a person visits your site, they will receive a unique cookie. Depending on the terms of the program, this cookie can remain valid for one to six months, on average. If this person opens the casino website as long as their cookie is valid, the platform will automatically recognize them as your referral. You won’t need to track their activities manually and inform the managers.

Besides, you can promote the casino on third-party web resources that don’t mind such type of content:

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Social networks
  • Different kinds of paid ads

It’s crucial to stay in touch with your audience. People should be able to contact you through various communication channels, such as live chat on your website, email and messengers. Try to answer their questions as promptly as possible.

Statistical Reports

Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2023

With top programs, affiliates get a chance to automate processes and analyze their performance with the help of smart dashboards. When you open your user profile, you’ll discover detailed statistics there. You’ll find out how many clients you brought to the platform and from which sources. You’ll better understand on which segments of the audience and sources of traffic to focus your efforts.

Who Is Eligible

To become an excellent affiliate program’s member, you should tick these boxes:

  • Be aged 18 or older
  • Live in a territory where such business isn’t prohibited
  • Target people who have come of age and live in countries where Bitcoin casinos are legal
  • Have a device with a fast and reliable Internet connection
  • Be ready to devote a few hours per day to this work

An igaming affiliate program offers you not passive income but a chance to earn cash in exchange for your efforts. That’s why diligence and readiness to learn new things are essential.

How to Get Started

To create an account as an affiliate, you should visit the website of the selected casino’s affiliate program or the site of the affiliate network that this casino works with. There, you should click Sign Up, Join Us, Become a Partner or another similar button. A fill-in form will open where you’ll need to type in your following private details:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Messenger
  • Country
  • Company
  • Website
  • Preferred currency
  • Preferred payment option

The shortest forms might ask you to provide only your name and email. The longest ones can have over a dozen of fields.

Then, you’ll need to tick the box to confirm that you accept the terms and conditions of the program. In some cases, you’ll get immediate access to your affiliate account and all the tools that you’ll be able to use. But most likely, you’ll need to wait a bit until the management reviews your application and approves it.

What You Should Avoid Doing in Most Gambling Affiliate Programs

Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2023

The last thing you want is to be forced to quit the program because you violate its rules. To avoid this, remember: you must send only high-quality traffic to the online casino site that you promote. If a gambler or bettor whom you bring turns out to be a fraudster (such as a money launderer or bonus abuser), you might fail to receive any income from them. Affiliates must always reveal their sources of traffic to the managers.

If you create promotional materials yourself, let the manager approve them before they go live.

You should never send out spam. Make sure to target your emails and sms only to recipients who gave their consent to receive your messages.

Avoid promoting the brand on third-party web resources that publish dubious content, such as violent or discriminatory.

You shouldn’t benefit from branded traffic — that is, search requests that contain the name of the platform that you promote.

If your affiliate account becomes inactive, the managers can close it.

Start Playing in a Top Casino: Specifics of Promoting Online Casinos That Support Cryptocurrencies

Here are the key differences between a fiat casino and sports betting platform vs its Bitcoin counterpart:

  • Selected casino games (slots, table games and live dealers) and tournaments can be compatible only with crypto.
  • Some bonuses and perks in terms of the VIP program are crypto-specific.
  • Crypto payments tend to be faster than fiat transactions. You might be able to receive your prize in around one hour after requesting a withdrawal.
  • Crypto transaction fees tend to be lower than fiat money ones.
  • The maximum withdrawal limits for BTC are often higher than for fiat money. Lucky gamblers might be able to withdraw a large sum in one go, without splitting it into several transactions.

Make sure to accentuate these points in your promotional materials and private conversations with your audience.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Casino Affiliate Program

Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2023

To find out which Bitcoin affiliate program suits you best, focus on these parameters:

  • Attractiveness of the brand that you’ll be promoting
  • Access to tools, materials and guidance of an experienced manager
  • Affiliate cookies’ lifecycle
  • Commission plans
  • Payout frequency
  • Extra rewards for top-performing affiliates
  • Penalties
  • Flexibility
  • Customer support

A top casino’s affiliate marketing program allows you to start from scratch without having any previous experience or paying an entry fee.

An online casino can have its own affiliate program or rely on the assistance of an affiliate network that promotes several brands. Both options can provide you with a decent income. However, if you join a network, its workflows might be more streamlined. A network will probably have a larger management team and will be able to afford larger expenses on tools and materials.

How Do Affiliates Get Their Commissions in terms of Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2023

Payments are made according to one of the three schemes:

  • CPA. This acronym stands for “cost per action”. You’ll get a fixed fee per each new customer whom you convince to sign up for the platform and deposit the minimum necessary sum of money.
  • Revenue share (revshare). Your level of commission will be based on the number of new players you refer per accounting period. For instance, if you drive 10 new clients to the platform every month, you may earn 10% of the net profit that they bring to the casino. And if you attract over 30 new customers within 30 days, you can continue to earn up to 50% of their net profit. The most generous programs will pay you the lifetime value of each customer.
  • Hybrid. It’s a mix of the two previous ones. You’ll discuss your commission rates with the manager individually.

To request a withdrawal, you might need to accumulate a specific sum on your balance. Affiliates can get weekly or monthly commissions. There might or might not be a limit on your earnings.

Even though Bitcoin allows its users to remain anonymous, be ready to verify your identity with private documents to start receiving the payouts. The managers need to make sure you can legally work as a casino marketer.

As an affiliate, you won’t become an official representative of the promoted casino or a staff member of the affiliate network. You’ll need to pay the taxes on your affiliate income yourself, according to the laws of your country of residence.

For some people, crypto affiliate marketing becomes a nice source of additional income. For others, it substitutes a full-time job. It all depends on your motivation, diligence and goals.

Final Thoughts About the Best Crypto Igaming Affiliate Programs

Crypto casino affiliate programs give you a chance to earn good money. Your task will be to bring many new customers to the platform that you’ll be promoting. Motivate people to gamble and place sports bets actively! The BTC gaming niche is thriving and igaming affiliate programs pay generous rewards to marketers. Explore the available options, find the best deals and begin to earn revenue!

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