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Giving God permission: How to make decisions as a couple 10-04-16 Written by Jean and Janice Charbonnet, Contributing writers 829
Marriage Preparation at a Glance 10-05-16 Written by Clarion Herald 376
Hispanic wedding traditions: el lazo (lasso) and las arras (coins) 10-05-16 Written by Peter Finney Jr. 640
Stress marriage as a covenant, add skills that last 10-05-16 Written by Christine Bordelon 336
Author uses experience to pen Catholic wedding planner 04-18-16 Written by Christine Bordelon 590
River Ridge couple named longest married in Louisiana 04-18-16 Written by Christine Bordelon 652
Catholic videographer seeks to highlight the sacred 04-12-16 Written by Peter Finney Jr. 1427
You can rehearse your lines, but pope’s blessing creates a fog 04-12-16 Written by Rebecca F. Fernandes, Contributing writer 1539
New marriage rite will provide options for wedding ceremony 09-22-15 Written by Peter Finney Jr. 1014
Patriotic theme was chosen for July 4th wedding 09-22-15 Written by Christine Bordelon 983

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