Sport Bet Affiliate Programs 2023

SportBet is one of the most renowned brands in the online gambling and sports betting industry. It features a lucrative betting affiliate program that anyone aged 18+ can join to expand the audience of this brand and make money. In this article, we’ll explain why it’s one of the best betting affiliate programs to promote, from our personal point of view.

In this text, we’re going to use the names SportBet and Sport Bet interchangeably. Both variants are equally popular among Internet users, so you may take it into consideration when preparing your marketing materials.

What’s So Special About SportBet

First, let’s define the primary competitive edge of Sport Bet. It’s a decentralized online casino and sportsbook that operates on the EOS blockchain. Let’s use a table to sum up the difference between the two types of desktop and mobile sports betting companies. You can rely on it when explaining the advantages of blockchain-based online betting and gambling to your future customers:

Conventional Blockchain-based
Transparency Uses can’t get access to the history of transactions. As soon as someone places a bet, the blockchain records the information about it. No one will be able to erase or modify this data in a clandestine manner. Anyone who understands how blockchain functions can check the transactions to make sure the platform plays fair.
Compatibility with cryptocurrencies Depends on the platform. Cryptocurrencies are the primary payment option. The deposit and withdrawal transactions are fast and their fees are low.
Withdrawal speed Up to a week, if the player uses a bank transfer or a credit or debit card. The exact speed depends on the amount of the transaction and on how busy the network currently is. Usually, players can expect to get their winnings in a few minutes after requesting them. Only large sums require a few hours. The geographical location doesn’t matter because blockchains operate on a global level.
Opportunity to place very small bets No. Yes. Using crypto, you can place bets worth a fraction of a cent. Such an approach is ideal for beginners. You’ll enjoy immense adrenaline but won’t be able to lose a large sum even if you lack experience and fortune doesn’t favor you.
Security of clients’ personal data Rather high. Even higher thanks to decentralization.
Risks of freezing players’ accounts Yes. Classic casinos collaborate with banks. Banks can freeze their clients’ accounts if they suspect these people of nefarious activities. Casinos can suspend the gambling accounts of these individuals too after the banks ask them to do so. No. Crypto blockchains are decentralized systems. There is no central bank in a crypto network. Crypto casinos and bookies make decisions independently. They won’t freeze your account if you respect their rules.
Bugs Might take place from time to time. Are very rare. Once a transaction hits the blockchain, the system won’t reverse it. The only exception is blockchain “hiccups” but they’re highly uncommon.

In addition to these generic advantages, SportBet has two more important ones:

  • New customers don’t need to verify their identities with copies of their private documents. They’re allowed to stay anonymous.
  • Clients don’t need to make conventional deposits. The system will take the funds directly from their EOS accounts and transfer their winnings there.

Sport Bet Affiliate Programs 2023

This is why we consider it one of the best betting affiliate programs that you can join. Your target audience will see at a glance in which aspects Sport Bet outperforms its competitors.

SportBet features a wide selection of sports betting options (pre-match and live) as well as multiple betting lines. Its casino games catalog contains 350 titles.

This platform goes to great lengths to make life easier for clients who’ve never tried crypto before. Its website features comprehensive video tutorials on how to use this payment method. It transfers winnings to customers within 12 hours after the end of the event that they placed their bets on.

Benefits of the SportBet Casino and Sports Affiliate Program


The SportBet affiliate program is an opportunity to earn money with relatively modest efforts. It stands out from the other referral programs in the sports sites and casino affiliate industry thanks to the following factors:

  • Chance to earn up to 40% share per each new client whom you drive to the platform per month
  • Freedom to select from Revenue Share, CPA or Hybrid deals
  • Quick and safe payouts settled by the EOS smart contract
  • The blockchain records all the actions that the players take, ensuring maximum transparency
  • Whenever you need a consultation, the friendly and helpful support crew will be ready to attend to you 24/7 in live chat or through

The Sport Bet team accentuates the fact that it’s easier to retain crypto customers than those who stick to fiat money. The former tend to have a higher value per player and come back regularly to the platform if they genuinely like it.

Basic Info About the SportBet Affiliate Network

The sports betting affiliate program of Sport Bet is called SbetPartners. It allows you to earn money by encouraging others to try two types of activities: sports betting and online casino games. The former includes traditional sports betting activities and fantasy sports betting. The latter includes slots, online poker, table games and live dealers.

You’ll enjoy 24/7 access to your account statistics. You’ll be able to check how many people used your invitations, how many of them spent cash on SportBet and how much they spent.

How to Become a SportBet Online Sports Betting and Gambling Affiliate


The program is free to join. You only need to be aged 18 or older and live in a territory where such business is legal. Plus, you should target your efforts only on individuals who meet the same requirements (have come of age and can legally use the services of an Internet casino or sports betting online platform).

If you already have a player account on SportBet, it won’t qualify as an affiliate one. It’s necessary to create a dedicated affiliate account. You’ll get an individual affiliate link that you’ll spread among the people whom you motivate to join the platform. Plus, you’ll get a code that consists of letters and numbers. You can spread the code among prospective bettors too. As soon as a new client joins the system using your link or code, you’ll notice it in your account stats.

Sport Bet Affiliate Programs 2023

All the information that you provide about yourself should be correct and up-to-date. If some of your personal details change, you need to inform the program’s administration about it. It’s important for processing your payments.

Each affiliate marketer can register only one account with SbetPartners. You don’t have the right to sign up for the program on someone else’s behalf. If you wish to transfer your account to another beneficiary, reach out to the administrators of the affiliate program and get their written approval.

In theory, SportBet has the right to reject your application without explaining the reason. In practice, it accepts most affiliate submissions.

What a Marketing Affiliate Can and Should Do

Affiliates can build one or several websites for the people whom they’re planning to attract to SportBet. These can be simple landing pages or sites with multiple pages. SportBet will share with you the basic guidelines on design and content but you’ll be tracking your sites and pages independently.

SbetPartners can provide you with the following types of promotional materials:

  • Landing pages
  • Web pages
  • Microsites
  • HTML mailers
  • Banners
  • Photos
  • Images
  • Logos
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Texts

This list is not exhaustive. You might be able to use other formats for presenting the information. Before you start publishing online and sending them to your audience, the SportBet administration should approve them.

Please mind that the SportBet representatives won’t take care of the technical aspects of your sites or pages. They can only help you with the branded content — but you’ll personally remain in charge of the site’s maintenance.

By default, all promotional materials are in English. If you need them in other languages, ask the support crew for the translated versions.

Steps and Activities to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

When promoting SportBet among new potential clients, you should avoid doing the following:

  • Target minors or other categories of users who can’t use the SportBet services legally
  • Register names, domain names or trademarks that look or sound similar to Sportbet
  • Buy target keywords or search terms that SportBet uses or that others can confuse with such words
  • Transfer your affiliate license to someone else
  • Use promotional materials that the SportBet crew failed to approve in advance

If you find out that someone else violates these rules, you should inform the SportBet team about it.

These rules are valid for your personal affiliate website and any third-party platforms where you’ll be placing and sharing your content.

Affiliate Commissions

Sport Bet Affiliate Programs 2023

The affiliate program allows you to make income according to one of the three commission plans:

  • CPA (cost per action)
  • Revenue share
  • Hybrid

Most affiliates earn money according to the number of new wagering players whom they bring to the platform per month:

Number of new clients Reward percentage
Up to 20 30%
21-50 35%
Over 51 40%

If you compare these conditions to what other members of the sports betting market offer, you’ll see that such terms are rather generous.

If you prefer to become a CPA affiliate or stick to the hybrid model, get in touch with the administrators to discuss your individual commission rate.

You can receive your earnings in BTC or USDT. If you want to convert these digital assets to any other currency, be ready to cover the fees from your own pocket.

The minimum amount that you can withdraw is a $100 BTC equivalent. To request your first withdrawal, it’s necessary to invite at least 3 wagering clients to SportBet.

Normally, you’ll receive your earnings on the 5th of the following month after driving traffic to the platform. However, wagering can result in negative carryover. In this case, the carryover will switch to the next month.

If the sum of the payment seems suspicious to you, please decline it and reach out to the support crew to discuss the issue. Such situations won’t be frequent.

After you receive your earnings, you should pay taxes on them according to the laws of the country where you live as a tax resident.

Affiliate Account Verification

As an online casino games provider and sports betting company, SportBet doesn’t require its clients to verify their identities. But if you begin to work as a member of the affiliate marketing industry, you’ll need to provide your passport and/or other personal documents. It’s mandatory because of the strict anti money laundering policies.

Be ready to show your documents before you receive your first payout. If for some reason you can’t do it immediately (for instance, if you lost your passport), SportBet can wait for up to half a year. Without the papers, the platform would fail to transfer your earnings to you. If you can’t provide the documents for half a year, your affiliate account will become dormant. SbetPartners will send a warning to you. If you don’t find ways to fix the situation, your affiliate account will be removed and your earnings won’t be transferred to you. If you verify the account on time, payments will go without a hitch.

What Will Happen If the Administration Suspects You of Fraud

When you sign up for the program, you fully accept its conditions. If you don’t agree with selected conditions, you’d better avoid becoming an affiliate.

The administrators of the platform will be monitoring your activities. If they find out that you fail to obey the rules and drive fraud traffic to SportBet, the following consequences might take place:

  • You’ll get a fine
  • You won’t get the payment on time because the administrators will take time to investigate the matter
  • They will freeze your account
  • You’ll fail to earn anything at all

The administrators will send you an email to notify you about what’s going on.

How to Stop Your Affiliate Business

Sport Bet Affiliate Programs 2023

The Sbetpartners online gambling and sports betting affiliate marketing program lacks time limits. You can keep being its member for as long as you wish.

If you decide to quit the SbetPartners leading betting and gambling affiliate network, just send a message to and wait for confirmation. It’s not necessary to explain the reason.

As soon as you stop taking part in the program, you’ll lose the right of using any of its promotional materials.

To Sum It Up

SbetPartners is a lucrative and transparent affiliate program that offers you a chance to earn good money. You’ll be inviting new clients to a casino and betting site that has a distinct competitive edge. It operates on the EOS blockchain, enables its customers to remain anonymous and accepts financial transactions right from the EOS wallets. People whom you’ll direct to Sport Bet will be able to choose from an extensive range of sports events and casino games. You can select from three payment models: CPA, revenue share or hybrid. You’ll be receiving payments in BTC or USDT. From our personal viewpoint, it’s one of the best sports betting affiliate programs that you can find online.

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