It was a great night in St. Louis for the Clarion Herald at the annual Catholic Media Conference of the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada.

The Clarion Herald staffers won nine awards on June 3:

First Place

➤ Best News Writing on Local Event: Beth Donze, “St. Louis Cathedral statue repair: A Katrina healing.” Judges said: “Well constructed story on a compelling topic. Captured the importance of this symbolic part of the hurricane recovery and did it in a well-written fashion.”

➤ Best Personality Profile: Beth Donze, “Their cup runneth over” (Eileen Capritto is named Regina Matrum – mother of the year – of the Archdiocese of New Orleans). Judges said: “The subject and her life and beliefs come alive on the page thanks to the excellent writing and inclusion of details and quotes about and from the subject.”

Second Place

➤ Best Sports Photo: Ron Brocato (“Flying handoff”) De La Salle relay team (see photo above). Judges said: “Great timing on a usually ordinary moment. Runners are not often horizontal to the track. The gap between runners’ hands and the suspended baton tell the whole story.”

Third Place

➤ Best Reporting on Young Adults: Peter Finney Jr., “Shared sacrifice is one couple’s answer to child care.” Judges said: “I loved the clarity of the storytelling here. It felt very relevant and real to me and showcased the role of the couple’s faith in their story.”
Clarion Herald earns nine Catholic Press awards
➤ Best Diocesan Directory: Jonelle Foltz, Cheryl Dejoie-LaCabe, MJ Cahill, Lloyd Robichaux. Judges said: “This is a scaled-down version of other directories but provides all the important information without pictures of every priest and church. … The cover is very tastefully designed.”
Clarion Herald earns nine Catholic Press awards
➤ Best Sports Photo: Ron Brocato (“Thrill of victory”) Academy of the Sacred Heart volleyball. Judges said: “Love the descending amount of excitement on the bench. From jumping player to just fist-pumping coach. The excitement is topped off by the head coach’s reaction.”

Honorable Mention

➤ Best Multiple Picture Package: Frank Methe, Christine Bordelon, Beth Donze, Peter Finney Jr., Bishop Cheri Ordination Mass coverage. Judges said: “Great headline/photo combination on the front page. It was the best photo.”

➤ Best Newswriting on Local Event: Peter Finney Jr. (“There’s pep in his step”) Bishop Cheri Ordination Mass.

➤ Best Coverage of Year of Consecrated Life: Beth Donze (series of three stories on women religious celebrating Year of Consecrated Life).