New Tiger-in-training arrives at the Lagarde camp

He arrived 30 minutes before the Saints kicked off their first preseason game on Aug. 13. And, just like the Ravens’ first-team offense that night, there was no stopping him.

Otis Grey Lagarde checked in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces. He will soon be wearing plenty of purple and gold, just like his parents, Erin and Daniel.

His mother and father met at vet school. They discovered they had many things in common. And, one of the biggest, was a passion for LSU football.

As he grows up, his mom will tell her son many stories about her days in Tigertown. His mother is a pretty straight shooter.

But, just in case she veers off the road of truth, I thought it was good to put a few things in writing. Erin’s greatest accomplishment is you, Otis.

But, among my other favorites is your mother getting kicked out of Jordan-Hare Stadium at Auburn. Back in 2004, LSU lost by one point after Auburn got another chance to kick the game-winning extra point due to a penalty.

Rumor has it that mom actually took a swipe at one of those nice Auburn people. Your Mimi hustled her out of the stadium.

One year earlier at the SEC Championship Game, your mother was feeling pretty confident. About one hour before kickoff, Mom strolled by the Georgia folks and wished them well in the Capital One Bowl.

You see, the loser that night was going to Orlando. The winner, LSU, headed to the Sugar Bowl to play Oklahoma for the BCS championship.

Days before the championship game, your mother didn’t know if she had a ticket to the big game. So, she looked at me and told me succinctly: “Dad if I don’t have a ticket to the Sugar Bowl, I have no reason to live.”

She lived, and her Tigers beat the Sooners 21-14. After that, she named her cat after the LSU coach in that game. But, I am not allowed to say his name.

The cat is ornery, and I could swear every time he meows, he is talking about something called “the process.”

In 2009, at your mom’s last game as an LSU student, she was emotional. Tears streamed down her face as she hugged me and told how devastating it was, that this was her final game in Tiger Stadium.

I cried, too. And, those tears were ones of joy. I knew in six short months, graduation loomed. Your mother would soon be off the payroll.

At graduation, I told her how proud I was of her exploits, and that on Aug. 1, she would be paying her own car insurance.

Son, your father will be a calming influence always. He got your mother through two very difficult moments in her life. Those were a loss at Ole Miss in 2009 when the LSU offense spiked the ball with no time on the clock, and in 2010 when Mom thought LSU had lost to Tennessee by letting time run out inside the Volunteer 5-yard line.

If you ever want to get on your mother’s nerves, tell her you will one day attend the University of Alabama. You and I will share a laugh. Your mother will still love you to the moon and back.

But, you and I both know there are two colors in your future, and crimson isn’t one of them.

Ed Daniels is sports director of ABC26 WGNO. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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