Jefferson Parish football will miss Coach Meyers

    His departure will be a footnote in the midst of another football season. Higgins football coach Wayne Meyers deserves more.
    Meyers was asked to resign by the school’s principal the week of his team’s season finale against Chalmette. Coaching changes like this one frequently occur. A new principal comes to a school and decides to go in another direction.
    Often, new leadership has a person or persons in mind for the job. We should all wish the next coach at Higgins much good fortune, because replicating or exceeding the success of his predecessor will be a very difficult task.
    Wayne Meyers won 112 games at Higgins in 18 seasons. His teams were known for their physical play. Somewhere in my closet is a blue shirt that carries one of the program’s mottos: “Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War.”
    Any coach who used Shakespeare to motivate his troops wasn’t just your ordinary football coach. Many of his staff, including his offensive coordinator Mark Schroeder, were with him for years.
    His most notable player gave Meyers a ringing endorsement. “Coach Meyers was always on us about working hard in class, as well, and getting a good education,” said Skyler Green in an interview with “If you did wrong, he would punish you, and you had to deal with it.”
    Green played at Higgins from 2000-02. He signed with LSU. In 2006, Green was drafted in the fourth round by the Dallas Cowboys. He also played with the Bengals and Saints.
    “He made us feel like family,” said Green of Meyers.
    Meyers captured five district titles and reached the playoffs 11 times. And, he did it in an understated way.
    Tucked away in Marrero, Meyers was not a publicity seeker. He was busy doing what he loved. And, he did it his way.
    Former NFL coach Bill Parcells used to say that football was about blocking and tackling. There was genius in the simplicity of the statement. Meyers is a block-and-tackle guy.
    In today’s world of social media, I can’t imagine Meyers spending much time on Twitter and Facebook. But, if you want to know if he knew how to reach children, the answer is a resounding yes. All you had to do is spend a little time watching his Hurricanes labor on the practice field behind school.
    Meyers never won a state football championship. He did not play in a state football semifinal. But, what he did at Higgins High School was pretty extraordinary.
    And, I just wanted you to know.
    Ed Daniels is sports director of ABC26 WGNO. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .