Xavier University Preparatory School

    XAVIER UNIVERSITY PREPARATORY SCHOOL, 5116 Magazine St., New Orleans – Xavier University Preparatory School is a Catholic, college preparatory school founded by St. Katharine Drexel and the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Louisiana State Department of Education.
    Xavier Prep – or “The Prep,” as the high school is fondly called in the New Orleans community – is open to female students in grades 7-12. Under the leadership of Joseph Peychaud, the new president/principal, and assistant principal Jacob Owens, students are given individual attention in a well-disciplined environment that has promoted academic excellence and Christian morals and values for more than 96 years.
    Xavier Prep’s outstanding academic program has received national recognition from the Department of Education in Washington, D.C., in the book by William Bennett, “James Madison High School.” Xavier Prep was named twice as a United States Exemplary Secondary School of Excellence.
    Xavier Prep students are exemplary scholars. Last year, Xavier Prep’s graduating seniors received $3.5 million in academic scholarships to colleges and universities nationwide.
    The foreign language department boasts one of the most successful programs in the state. Each year, Prep’s foreign language students take the national Latin, Spanish and/or French exams, and they have received superior ratings. Prep students were recently rated fourth in the state in Latin I and second in Latin II.
    In 2008 Xavier Prep underwent evaluation for accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Laurie Harper, Quality Assurance Team chairwoman, remarked that Xavier Prep is a “pearl in the oyster of New Orleans.”
    Xavier Prep offers requisite core curriculum courses, honors and Advanced Placement (AP) opportunities. In addition to band, chorus, theater and art, Xavier Prep’s fine arts program also offers piano for four years. The piano program consists of classical and jazz composition.
    The academic program also includes several concurrent options. The concurrent admissions program allows students to have dual enrollment at the New Orleans Center of Creative Arts (NOCCA) as well as at colleges and universities. Students are given the opportunity to attend university classes at Xavier University, Dillard University, Southern University at New Orleans and Delgado Community College and earn up to nine hours of college credit by the end of their senior year. There is no additional tuition required to participate in this program.
    Xavier Prep educates a diverse group of young women from a wide range of religious, intellectual, social and economic backgrounds. Students receive the services of a full-time guidance counselor and a campus minister. Prep students are required to give their time and talents to various community projects each year. This service-oriented program cultivates self-awareness and encourages students to improve their local and global communities.
    The faculty, staff and students participate in liturgies, retreats and fund-raising events for charities; feed the hungry programs and other spiritual activities. The school bases its philosophy on the belief that the total educational program nurtures and challenges the student, each of whom has unique gifts and talents. The focus of the program is the holistic development of Christian women through a harmonious blending of their spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical strengths.
    Xavier Prep School prepares students to live with compassion, dignity and responsibility and purpose. The school offers a variety of postsecondary options. Xavier Prep prides itself on a strong academic program, a challenging curriculum; varied co-curricular activities and an outstanding commu­nity service program, which provides for an integrated means of fulfilling its mission.