Ursuline Academy

    URSULINE ACADEMY, 2635 State St., New Orleans – Founded in 1727, Ursuline Academy, New Orleans, enjoys the distinction of being both the oldest school for girls and the oldest Catholic school in the United States.
    Convinced that the education of women was essential to the development of a civilized, spiritual and just society, the Ursuline Sisters influenced culture and learning in New Orleans by providing an exceptional education for its women.
    Ursuline Academy is a school where the qualities of faith, unity, intellect, perseverance and passion have defined its women since the Academy’s founding. Ursuline offers an educational program that lives in the center of both tradition and innovation. The tradition of Ursuline education in the city of New Orleans has at its core the values of courtesy, loyalty, courage and “Serviam” (“I will serve”).
    Ursuline Academy is a Catholic school. Its immediate purpose is education, understood in larger than purely academic terms. The school contacts young women at critical moments in their development and seeks to help them explore their religious experiences in an environment where Catholic values are understood and experienced.
    The Academy offers an extensive curriculum, which includes rigorous academic coursework and incorporates honors, accelerated and Advanced Placement offerings for students. Ursuline Academy offers an ACT test preparation course at the junior level within the school day.
    Recent upgrades have allowed Ursuline to maximize technology’s potential to enhance student learning. Each high school classroom is equipped with SMART Board technology; laptops are provided for individual student use; PCs with the most up-to-date programs are available in student computer labs; and a unified wireless system has been installed to provide the infrastructure needed for future one-to-one support.
    A complete and diverse curriculum provides every Ursuline student with the opportunity to develop her unique skills and talents. The fine arts program includes theater, drama, choral music, piano and a wide variety of visual arts classes. Ursuline also offers students the opportunity to grow outside of the classroom through participation in nine varsity sports and a large variety of clubs and extracurricular activities designed to satisfy the needs and interests of any girl.
    Ursuline Academy maintains a dedicated faculty who contribute positively to the Christian growth of students by their example of Christian living, personal care of students, rigorous attention to the style of their teaching, concern for moral values and conduct, and support and encouragement of a variety of school activities.
    An education at Ursuline Academy enables and challenges students to grow in their faith, serving both in the school community and also beyond its fences. The call to “Serviam” begins with service-hour requirements starting at the second-grade level. Students are encouraged to deepen their spirituality, to lead in a diverse school community and to develop lifelong friendships.
    Ursuline graduates are confident young women with habits of mind and heart that endure. They attend a diverse portfolio of colleges from Cornell to Howard, from LSU and Tulane to Stanford. From its present location on State Street, Ursuline Academy has graduated more than 5,000 young women. In the words of many alumnae, these graduates are “prepared for anything,” including college, careers, leadership opportunities and service to the church and their respective communities.
    An Ursuline graduate is ready to engage the changing world with faith, compassion and confidence.
    The Academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), approved by the State Department of Education of Louisiana, recognized as a member of the North American Ursuline Educational Services (NAUES), the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools and the National Catholic Educational Association. The Academy is proudly identified by the U.S. Department of Education as a School of Excellence.