De La Salle wraps up its schoolwide ‘Summer Read’ program

On Sept. 10, De La Salle students – junior Anna Jones, above, and freshman Tyler Guzzardo, right – gave individual presentations on the book, “The Glass Castle,” writer Jeannette Walls’ 2005 memoir that they, the staff and faculty read over the summer for the “One Book for Social Justice Project.” Students had to complete a poster, write a report based on three major themes of the book and make a 2- to 4-minute presentation to their classmates. Themes that students explored were alcoholism, neglect, mental illness (that caused the nomadic nature and instability in Walls’ family), hunger, poverty, homelessness, education and bullying. This is the third year De La Salle school has undertaken a summer reading program. Its mission is to heighten awareness of the injustices that exist in the world. The school read “David and Goliath” in 2014. “The project is a catalyst for the De La Salle family to come together as one and live out the Lasallian core principles of concern for the poor, faith in the presence of God, respect for all persons, inclusive community and quality education,” said senior Christian Palacio.

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