Panel reveals to Chapelle students what ‘real love’ is

One of the most talked about and, possibly, the most difficult of all hurdles in a girl’s high school career is the process of navigating through relationships.
As someone who (not long ago) was a high school girl and currently interacts with hundreds of them almost daily, I can honestly say that there is a real hunger to love and be loved at that age.
This real and intrinsically good desire compounded with the difficult (and sometimes awkward) interaction with the opposite sex at the high school age can create a great deal of confusion, questions, and even heartache if not understood fully (and let’s be honest, none of us understand that interaction fully).
As a theology teacher at Archbishop Chapelle High School and the moderator of “Women of Christ” – a club promoting a Christocentric identity – I have two fingers on the pulse of what our society is telling young women (and men) will satisfy this desire for love. Thus, “Real Love Week” came to fruition March 2-6 and focused on the satisfying love of Christ and how all other love should be rooted in God’s perfect love.
The week began with Chapelle’s daily prayer, which was centered on Scripture that spoke of unbridled and perfect love. Scripture verses were visible throughout the school – posted on every locker, hallway, classroom and everywhere in between.
The week’s highlight was the “Real Love Panel,” with Daughter of St. Paul Sister Tracey Dugas, Sarah Denny and Stephen and Laine Bodin Dessauer. As a panel of witnesses to Christ’s love shown through various vocations as well as stages in life, their powerful testimony to Christ’s love was one that was genuine and challenging.
After the panel discussion, about 30 students met in the Chapelle chapel for a Purity Commitment Ceremony. The girls prayed as a community and knelt in front of our Lord as they vowed to live a life of purity and said “yes” to their dignity as women. The graces that the Lord blessed Archbishop Chapelle with over the course of “Real Love Week” were beautiful, and we continue to pray that they will penetrate the hearts of our entire Chapelle family.
Jessie Dupuy is a theology teacher and moderator of Chapelle’s Women of Christ Club.

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