Family close to St. Joe

The St. Joseph Altar at St. Scholastica Academy in Covington has been a tradition in the Nuccio family for many years.

“St. Joseph is the patron saint that our family turns to often,” said my mom, Elizabeth Nuccio. “When my third child Stefanie was born 10 weeks premature, my prayer was that Stefanie would grow to be a healthy, happy little girl but that if God had other plans that St. Joseph would help me to able to accept his plan. Praying daily and being able to pray to St. Joseph for his intercession to our Heavenly Father was a blessing, and 17 years later to have a healthy, happy young lady for a daughter is a reason to give thanks.”

I got involved in St. Joseph altars not only because of my family tradition but also because it was the time of the year that I often compared to Christmas. The excitement and joy it brought to bake the cookies and being able to give back to the community were an inspiration. Students every year come together to bake and prepare for the altar.

“The altar has been something I’ve been helping to prepare for four years now,” said senior Sophia Gradishar. “Every year I see the work, time and the love that the Nuccio family and all the other volunteers put into it. It’s an incredible experience. When it all comes together, our hard work truly shows. It’s not only what we do to honor the patron saint, but at St. Scholastica, we also honor memorable people in our community. It’s a beautiful event and one of my favorite days of the year at SSA.”

Another wonderful thing about having the altar is being able to bond as students of a wonderful school that teaches us the real meaning of sisterhood and giving back.

“What the St. Joseph Altar means to me is being able to give back to the community through my religion, while having fun with my peers,” says sophomore Veronica Jimenez who has been helping since her first year at SSA.

The SSA altar will be open March 19 from 3:30-7 p.m. in the St. Scholastica cafeteria.

Stefanie Nuccio is a junior at St. Scholastica Academy. 

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