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‘Gleeful’ voices from St. John Prep

Members of the St. John Vianney Prep “Gleemen” paid a special tribute Nov. 3 to their former director, Dr. Malcolm J. Breda, who is residing at Chateau de Notre Dame. 
Sixteen members of the glee club came back to serenade Breda, 82, with songs he taught them as high schoolers. At left, Leroy Baker (’72) belts out a solo line from “Lord, If I Got My Ticket.” Breda followed along with some of the old tunes. A video of the 30-minute concert is available at the Clarion Herald’s Facebook page. Click here and scroll down to it.

“It was John Diaz’s beautiful idea to gather us together to show Dr. Breda how just much we appreciate everything he taught us,” said conductor Glen Ganucheau ( ’73). The choir ended with: “Old man Breda knows a thing or two ... he is a grand, old man!” 

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