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Good Friday ‘walk’ options; FOX live procession

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Good Friday pilgrimage walks to nine churches are special devotions in the Archdiocese of New Orleans. And this year, a Palm Sunday night meditation will be hosted by FOX network will be aired live March 20 from 7-9 p.m. Following are prayer options available.
Church Options
➤ 1. St. Stephen Church
 (Good Shepherd Parish)
 1025 Napoleon Ave.

➤ 2. St. Henry
 803 Gen. Pershing St.

➤ 3. St. Katharine Drexel
2015 Louisiana Ave.

➤ 4. Our Lady of Good Counsel
(Center of Jesus the Lord)
 1307 Louisiana Ave.

➤ 5. St. Mary’s Chapel
1516 Jackson Ave.

➤ 6. St. Alphonsus Church
2030 Constance St.

➤ 7. St. Mary’s Assumption
923 Josephine St.

➤ 8. St. John the Baptist
1139 Oretha C. Haley Blvd.

➤ 9. St. Theresa of Avila
1404 Erato St.

➤ 10. St. Patrick
724 Camp St.

➤ 11. Immaculate Conception (Jesuit)
130 Baronne St.

➤ 12. Our Lady of Guadalupe
411 N. Rampart St.

➤ 13. St. Augustine
1210 Gov. Nicholls St.

➤ 14. St. Louis Cathedral
615 Père Antoine Alley

➤ 15. St. Mary’s (Italian)
1116 Chartres St.

➤ Many Catholics make a special devotion on Good Friday by walking to nine churches to pray and reflect on the passion and death of Jesus Christ. This map provides an easy guide for a Good Friday pilgrimage, showing the location of 15 churches that can be used to make the walk. The St. Charles Avenue streetcar can be used to return to St. Stephen Church after completing the nine-church walk. Feel free to make up your own devotional route. The Center of Jesus the Lord’s (No. 4) Soles for Christ will begin March 25 at 7:45 a.m. See

A Palm Sunday
night meditation

On Palm Sunday night, March 20, (7 to 9 p.m.), FOX network will host a live nationwide broadcast of a procession with a 20-foot lighted cross from Champions Square at the Superdome to Woldenberg Park, where the live stage producation will play out. After the broadcast, the archdiocese will offer confessions and an hour of prayer at St. Louis Cathedral. Go to


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