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A final blessing

Father Beau Charbonnet, pastor of St. Angela Merici Church, sprinkles holy water on a small casket memorializing the thousands of unborn children who had been aborted over nearly 40 years at the Causeway Medical Center in Metairie, rear. Father Charbonnet said while the Metairie clinic closed last month, women are still pressured into an abortion by others, who convince them they have no other options. Father Charbonnet said when he was 6, his mother always made the sign of the cross as they passed the center in her car. “In some ways, she explained the reality of what was happening there,” he said. “Being next to an abortion facility is like living next to a death camp. For 40 years, this archdiocese and this parish have shown up, over and over and over on that sidewalk, praying with love and mercy.”

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