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Annunciation School in Bogalusa gets 1.5 inches of floodwater

Relentless thunderstorms in the early morning hours of March 11 pushed more than an inch of water into Annunciation Catholic Elementary School in Bogalusa, said Father Daniel Brouillette, pastor.

Also, the Bogalusa home of Annunciation School principal Veda Matthews, near Highway 1075 (in yellow), was on the verge of taking on floodwater, Father Brouillette said.

“The church, the parish office and the rectory are doing OK, but the school has gotten about an inch and a half of water,” Father Brouillette said. “We’re trying to get a handle on it. The water is still rising.”

Father Brouillette said the most intense rain occurred in the early morning hours. “There was nowhere for the water to go, and it began piling up on itself,” he said.

Father Brouillette said it was still too early to tell if classes would be affected next week. About one-third of his parish staff already have been affected by floodwater in their homes, he said.

Father Brouillette said Matthews was busy moving furniture to higher ground inside her home.
“She’s beside herself,” he said.

The church is about 3 feet above ground, and Avenue B is a fairly high spot in Bogalusa, Father Brouillette said. The school is located on Avenue C, one block away, and it is built at ground level.

“We’re supposed to have more rain tonight and tomorrow, so we’re praying that the water recedes a little with the north wind,” Father Brouillette said.

Father Brouillette had to cancel Friday morning Mass “because nobody could get to it,” but he hopes the weekend Masses will be celebrated as normal.

“Please pray for us,” he said.

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