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Archbishop Aymond: Archbishop Hannan was 'a good shepherd modeled after Christ'

Archbishop Gregory Aymond released the following statement on the death of former New Orleans Archbishop Philip M. Hannan, who passed away peacefully in his sleep Thursday, Sept. 29, at 3 a.m. at Chateau de Notre Dame:

Archbishop Hannan in every way was a good shepherd of the church who was modeled after Christ, not just for Catholics of New Orleans but for the whole community. One of his favorite hymns when Pope John Paul II made his historic visit to New Orleans in 1987 was "Let There Be Peace on Earth," and he died peacefully. I believe that he will be praying for us that we can have peace in our city.

We will miss him, but at 98, he has lived a full life. We truly believe in faith that he will feast not just at table of the Eucharist but at the table of the Lord in heaven.

From the time Archbishop Hannan came here right after Hurricane Betsy in 1965, he truly made New Orleans his home. This was his parish and his archdiocese, and it had no boundaries. He was there for anyone and everyone. That was his goal in life. He always quoted St. Paul, and he truly believed that his mission and ministry was to preach the Gospel untiringly both in actions and in words.