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Young adults asked to ‘Be a Light’ in darkness

“Where there is darkness all around, what a time to be a light,” Father Daniel Green told youth attending the ninth annual Youth and Young Adult Revival Feb. 21 at All Saints Church in Algiers.

He said it is fear that prevents many from being a shining example to others. As a youth, Father Green, parochial vicar at Visitation of Our Lady in Marrero, said he had to overcome fear in order to let God use his talents to speak through and shine within him.

“As we let our own light shine, we give permission to others to do the same,” he said. “In order for us to be a light in the world, it is necessary to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ,” he said. “If not, fear takes over and darkness enters (worrying about what others might say).”

He gave examples of Biblical figures who had fear such as Jeremiah, who thought he was too young to speak; Isaiah, who finally said ‘Here I am, send me’; and Peter who was always getting himself into trouble, yet trusted and believed, not letting fear stop him when Jesus asked him to lower his nets again. Father Green told the youth that God can purify their sins (such as mean or inappropriate texts, posts on Snapchat) just as he did those in the Bible.  

"The Lord said, ‘I can purify that. Even those who have been sinners can be used. Don’t worry about what you have done or your struggles, but look to be cleansed.’”

He encouraged them to be the little light that fills the church at the Easter vigil and spreads out to reach  others.

“God has called you ... on this day, at this time, in this space because he needs a light that looks like you and who can go only where you can go and speak to others who do not understand. What a time to be a light!”

At the event, Deacon Lawrence Houston led a call to the altar and told the youth and young adults that in order to be the light in the world, they have to study the Bible, watch others who are living like Christ, listen to God’s word and practice what they learn.

Entertainment was provided by Xavier University’s Gospel Choir, St. Peter Claver School’s liturgical dance troupe and the Imani team who coordinated the afternoon to include skits, Scripture and an original poem by member Asia Satcher.

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