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LHSAA commish asks principals to 'put on the brakes'

Here’s the latest from Clarion Herald sports editor Ron Brocato on the annual meeting of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association in Baton Rouge:

BATON ROUGE – LHSAA executive director Eddie Bonine appealed to the principals today to ratify the officials' fee schedule – which would provide for increases in officials’ game pay – noting that anything they vote for will be irrelevant if the officials walk out.

Bonine said he feels the repeal of the parish boundaries for eligibility purposes will pass.

Bonine wants to hire a fourth assistant executive director if principals vote to extend the split playoff system in three other sports besides football. Bonine said the new position would be necessary because of the additional officials that will be required.

Bonine made an attempt to encourage principals to "hit the brakes" on the split-playoff proposals and let him take a longer look at them. The proposal to split schools according to metro/rural areas may be on its deathbed.

Many principal Norman Booker, who proposed splitting basketball, baseball and softball, effective immediately, said he would consider amending his proposal so that it would begin at the next reclassification general meeting in 2017.

Principals were reminded that there are contracts with championship venues that will be affected. The Top 28 basketball tournaments would be the Top 48 and the Fast Pitch 56 softball tournament would be Fast Pitch 96. Venues may not be contractually able to accommodate them.

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