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Bishop Muench recalls Abp. Schulte as a dear friend, man of God

Baton Rouge Bishop Robert W. Muench, who served as auxiliary bishop of New Orleans under Archbishop Francis B. Schulte, released the following statement upon the death of Archbishop Schulte:

“Archbishop Francis Bible Schulte was quintessentially a man of God and a man of the church. He was a genuinely spiritual, prayerful and Christ-like person, who deeply embraced his call as baptized/confirmed disciple of Jesus, and ordained deacon, priest, bishop and archbishop of the Catholic faith.

“Gifted with an incredibly brilliant intellect, he was a clear and forceful teacher of that faith, an eloquent preacher of the Word (who could speak spontaneously like an accomplished poet), a talented and dedicated administrator and a skilled executive who utilized process as his style of leading. He was also an engaging conversationalist with an acute sense of humor.

“To me personally he was a very specially treasured friend, mentor, inspiration and companion, whom I will always remember with deep fondness and gratitude. May he rest in the peace of the risen Christ."

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