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Families flock to holiness tools

Encouraging families to grow in holiness is one of the goals of the recently completed archdiocesan synod, and the Family Life Apostolate is providing several online resources that can help fulfill that goal.
By clicking on nolacatholic. org, viewers are invited to sign up for the “Holiness Starts in the Home” program that encourages families to pursue holiness together with their spouses and children, “allowing God to make them a holy family,” said David Dawson, director of the Family Life Apostolate.

The full url for “Holiness Starts in the Home” is

Dawson said the idea for the prayer commitment came out of discussions with Archbishop Gregory Aymond on how to reach families in con- junction with the Feast of the Holy Family (on Dec. 27), the Jubilee Year of Mercy and the start of the new year.

“The idea is to provide a way for families to commit to working on being a holy family and taking advantage of what the church has to offer,” Dawson said.

The site lists six basic spiritual practices that can help a family make progress in experiencing the mercy and power of God, Dawson said. A couple is asked to sign up for no more than two of the commitments: daily couple prayer, daily family prayer, daily prayer with Scripture, sharing one meal a day with the family, monthly couple dialogue and making a couple or family retreat.

The Family Life Apostolate sends participating families resources to help them with the specific commitments they have signed up for.

“We’ve asked the families to do only two; otherwise, it would be a little much,” Dawson said. “It seems simple, but once you get started, it does require focus.”

About 70 families have signed up for the program so far. Archbishop Aymond will offer a Mass in February for the special intention of the participating families.

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