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Catholic, CCD students proclaim Christ’s birth

Merry Christmas from our students!

The Council of Catholic School Cooperative Clubs sponsors the annual Keep Christ in Christmas poster, essay and poetry contest. The Office of Catholic Schools selected winners in three divisions: grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. In addition, the Office of Religious Education judged entries from children who attend parish schools of religion. 
The contest is promoted by the Christ in Christmas Committee, which coordinates the placement of “Keep Christ in Christmas” billboards throughout the Archdiocese of New Orleans. This year, 60 billboards, including four Spanish-language boards, were put up around the metro area!

Cassie Ohlmeyer 
10th grade
Archbishop Chapelle High School

The light of the world is born on Christmas Day. 
Cassie’s first-place poster was used by the archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools for its 2015 Christmas card.

Other poster winners:

Alyssa Schiaffino
8th grade 
Archbishop Chapelle High School

Queen Gary

3rd grade
Visitation of Our Lady CCD

Michael Miller

5th grade
St. Mary Magdalen School 



Jesus is the reason
When someone asks, “What is Christmas,” people instantly think: presents, no school and vacations. All of those things are wonderful, but the main thing you should think of is Jesus’ birth. We should proclaim the Good News like the angel of the Lord did to the shepherds. The angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all people. For today in the city of David a Savior has been born for you who is the Messiah and Lord”
(Luke 2: 10-11).

Jesus is the reason for the season because if God had not sent his only son to earth, we would not have a Christmas to talk about. We would not have presents, fancy dinners or vacations. It is almost like people have forgotten about how Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. We as Christians can help remind each other that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. Saying a prayer and just telling him Happy Birthday will make him happy.
We can keep Christ in Christmas if we remember that God loves us. We can also keep Christ in Christmas by sharing his love with others. Although I cannot give Jesus a real gift, I give him my love and my heart. Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season, and keep Christ in Christmas.


A baby started it all
Remembering to keep Christ in Christmas is sometimes hard to do. Christmas decorations are out before Halloween and excitement is in the air. Toy catalogs come to the house and we use a marker to circle what we want. Gifts from parents, grandparents and even Santa are on the way.

The month of December is about gifts, lights, trees, a holiday from school, sleeping in late, no homework and maybe a vacation while we are on break.

Then, when I'm at church and I see the manger with an empty crib, I start to remember. A baby will be born and placed there on December 25 – not just any baby, but a little Lord Jesus who will rest his head. He is the reason for the season, and I’m beginning to remember why. An angel appeared to Mary, and that is when it all began. She gave birth to a child in a manger because there were no rooms available. The Christmas star in the sky led the three Wise Men with gifts.

It’s so easy to forget the reason we celebrate the Christmas season: that little bundle of joy, the small, precious child who came into the world to die for our sins. Now when I look at the garland, lights and Christmas trees, I remember that one little baby started it all. Christmas should be the holiday for giving and not receiving, remembering those who do not have and cannot do for themselves. Going out of our way to help someone in need or less fortunate than us – that is the reason to keep Christ in Christmas!

God’s greatest gift

Why is it that over the years, Christmas seems to become less and less faith-oriented and Christ-centered? Why is it that we hear more often “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas?” Why is it that children, teens and adults are quick to say thank you for their numerous materialistic gifts, rather than thank you for the true gift, the birth of Christ? When asked about the true meaning of Christmas, what initially comes to mind? Is it the giving and receiving of colorfully wrapped presents? Is it the customary extravagant meals? Is it having the best, brightest decorations or tallest, fullest tree? The meaning of Christmas goes much deeper than that. Most people fail to realize that Christmas is the celebration of the Word made Flesh. Christmas without religion is pointless, because Christmas is the birthday of Emmanuel, of the Living Word, of the Christ Child. During this holiday season, we are meant to focus on the birth of Christ, considering he is God’s greatest gift to us. The birth of Christ brought great joy to the world, therefore Christmas should be a holy, joyous, peaceful time in every Christian household. Christmas is a time for families to express thankfulness to God for the gift of his son, Jesus the Christ. I pray that as we approach the Christmas season, people will enjoy all the festivities while they stay mindful of the meaning and reason behind this celebration. You cannot have Christmas without Christ, literally and figuratively.



Think of Jesus
When you think of Christmas
do you think of fun?
You should think of God
when He sent his Son.
When you think of Christmas
do you think of a tree?
You should think of Jesus
when He came to set us all free.
When you think of Christmas
do you think of a good meal?
You should think of Jesus
when He came for our sins to heal.
When you think of Christmas
do you think of a star?
You should think of the three wise men
who came from afar.
Instead of thinking of all of these things,
Think of Jesus and all the Joy that He brings.


The birth of Jesus
Instead of focusing on presents to please us,
we should really focus on the birth of Jesus.
The meaning of Christmas is more than a day,
the 4 weeks of Advent help us prepare our way.
The first week of Advent has hope as its theme,
that life isn’t hopeless as it sometimes may seem.
Faith is the focus of the second week in Advent,
appreciating Jesus’ presence in the times we usually haven’t.
The third week of Advent focuses on the joy of His birth,
symbolized by the candle which sheds light on the earth.
During the fourth week of Advent we reflect on peace in our heart,
and living it out through our actions is what Jesus taught.
Peace, joy, faith and hope are the essence of Advent.
These are the true meanings of why Jesus was sent.


Jesus is the reason!
Christmas is a time for family and love.
It is also a time to celebrate Jesus above.
We exchange gifts and spend time with friends.
We will remember that our love for Jesus will never end.
So, while you are out, spreading holiday joy,
Remember we have Christmas,
Because of the birth of ONE baby boy!


Feed the hungry
Keep Christ in Christmas,
this should be a breeze.
However, for some,
it is not done with ease.
Shopping, gift giving, parties,
it’s all such a stress.
But, to leave Christ out of Christmas,
will cause a great mess.
To honor and remember our
dear Savior’s birth,
is the only way to have peace on Earth.
Feed the hungry, donate to the poor,
don’t waste time running
around in a store.
Reach out to a neighbor, do
it without favor,
do it for Christ, do it for our Savior.
Keep Christ in Christmas
and you will see,
It’s all about Him, and not you and me.
We have already been given
the greatest gift of all,
it was the night Jesus was born in a stall.
So, keep Christ in Christmas,
and in all that you do.
After all, Jesus is the reason for the season,
this much is true!


Don’t forget Mass!
When you set up the Christmas tree
Decorate your house with lights
Celebrate with the family
Relax on the winter nights
Remember to Keep Christ in Christmas.
It’s Christmas Eve and you go to dinner
Excited for the morning of tomorrow
Don’t forget what Christmas is all about;
letting your mind go thinner
Remember that it’s about Christ not the snow
Remember to Keep Christ in Christmas.
Christmas Day is finally here.
Don’t forget to go to Mass
It’s not all about presents and
holding them near.
Don’t pass up God and let the
meaning pass
Remember to Keep Christ in

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