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Forever grateful to Katrina’s ‘angels’

Thoughts of Katrina – memories of checking online all night for hotels, then the bumper-to-bumper drive, looking back at the huge, dark storm clouds enveloping the city. The surrealism at the sight on TV of water flowing through the levees the next morning – the realization that we couldn’t go back home.

So many wonderful angels came into our lives in San Antonio – our son Michael and his new bride Eloise, their friends and co-workers, who gave us clothes, furniture; their landlord who provided a free two-bedroom apartment; the school counselors who cared for our children’s needs; and someone to talk to in Presentation Sister Therese Gleitz at St. Matthew Catholic Church – so many needs met with so much love!

More angels in Gonzales – dear Mrs. Ruth who became my “other mother” and provided a real home for our family of six for another 1 1⁄2 years, thanks to dear friends Carolyn and Peter interceding for us and enabling our move back to Louisiana; Father Joel LaBauve and the choir at St. Mark Catholic Church – universal church – the meaning of which had only been words until 2005. Other friends who quickly readied a home in Metairie for us while our new home in Luling was nearing completion.

Ten years have passed – you see, due to a selfless decision by my dear family, these New Orleanians were able to build 10 feet higher, a little further west. And though many changes have taken place – a newly merged parish and a new hometown – the most important remain constant – our family, friends, all of whom survived – and new friends who have come into our lives.

The love of God shines through and his merciful care is ever-present. No matter what, he is with us all – always.

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