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Father Wilson: Pope Francis is igniting collegiality

In the first annual Msgr. Ignatius Roppolo Lecture, Jesuit Father George Wilson told local Catholics that Pope Francis’ vision of collegiality within the church is in line with the Second Vatican Council and more than symbolic gestures.
Father Wilson told the inaugural seminar April 17-18 at Notre Dame Seminary that Pope Francis indicated the ministerial priesthood is “one means employed by Jesus for the service of his people. Yet, our great dignity comes from baptism.”
“For many of us, that is a profound rethinking,” Father Wilson said. “That’s not just a slogan you throw away. That involves psychic spiritual work inside of us to take that seriously.”
Father Wilson, a member of the Jesuits’ Maryland Province, said there are no “second-class Catholics because we are all equal through our baptism.
“Or do I act out of a clericalized view of the church in which some are teachers and everybody else is taught. Jesus says the Spirit will come and all will be taught and all will teach.
“Have we made baptism, which was commanded by Jesus, subordordinate in importance to Holy Orders?” 

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