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Father Cyprian Davis: "The History of Black Catholics in the United States"

Xavier University’s Institute for Black Catholic Studies honored Benedictine Father Cyprian Davis with the inaugural Sister Eva Regina Martin, S.S.F., Ph.D. Lecture April 8. Father Maurice Nutt, left, unveiled the cover of a revised edition of Father Davis’ seminal work, “The History of Black Catholics in the United States,” which updates his original work published 25 years ago.

In her lecture on Father Davis, Dr. Cecilia Moore, associate professor of American Religious Studies at the University of Dayton, said: “Though we are here tonight to honor Father Davis and his most excellent work, it’s most important to say that unlike so many other scholars, he is not much interested in being recognized for having gotten all of this started. What seems to be most important to him is that the story is known, that it is remembered, that it is shared and that it is continued. Father Cyprian Davis gave life to the field of Black Catholic history. It now has a life of its own and it has a very bright future, thanks to him.”

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