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Rich symbols abound in a bishop’s ordination

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Archbishop Gregory Aymond invokes the Holy Spirit by laying his hands on the head of Bishop Cheri, a 2,000-year tradition of the Catholic Church passed on by the apostles.

Bishop Cheri receives the Book of the Gospels from Archbishop Aymond.

Bishop Cheri offers his first Eucharistic Prayer as a bishop. Bishop Cheri says the sacred liturgy is a prayer that must be entered into by a priest with his entire being. “It’s a great responsibility as a presider to make sure you bring that spirit to the altar and make sure you keep that spirit there,” he says.

A total self-gift

Bishop Cheri lies prostrate in front of the altar as cantor Eric McCrary intones the Litany of the Saints. The face-down position is a symbol of the bishop’s submission to God’s will.

The names of each apostle are invoked to help the new bishop fulfill his role as successor of the apostles. 

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