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A family’s joy is complete

Music of the soul
A love of music runs deep in heart of the Cheri family. Richard Cheri, brother of Auxiliary Bishop Fernand Cheri, directs the Archdiocesan Gospel Choir, which sang both individually and with the St. Louis Cathedral Choir at the episcopal ordination. “I was just telling the choir, ‘I don’t think the Cathedral’s gonna be the same,” said Richard Cheri, after the March 23 Ordination Mass.

 “With Ferd, I don’t think the fellow bishops understand what they got themselves into!” Cheri quipped, adding: “I just keep thinking what a blessing (Bishop Cheri) is for the church because Ferd is who he is, and he’s gonna give that gift to the church – all of it. I’m just so proud of him!” Youngest brother Kevin Cheri said the family has always supported Ferd. “He’s been an inspiration to all of us in our family, and we’ve always been a very close family. We relish in his leadership and his success and what he does for the church and the community he loves so much.”

A red-letter day

Bishop Ferd Cheri gives holy Communion to his mother, Gladys, 87, left. His sisters, all dressed in red, and his family surround them. For special occasions, the family has always dressed in the same color outfit. Bishop Cheri asked his sisters to dress in red to signify the episcopacy. His sisters commented on how special the ordination of their brother was.

“It’s been a long wait, but it’s here now. I know, for a fact, that he will be a true asset to the archdiocese and to our city,” Anicia Cheri said. “This is something that will be a memory for all, not only for us. It’s a long time coming. To know that this appointment came from the pope, it is truly an honor. One we will always treasure,” his sister Marvell Baudy said.


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