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St. Louis Cathedral: New sights and sounds

Photos by Frank J. Methe | CLARION HERALD
Just in time for Holy Week, St. Louis Cathedral received an interior and telecommunications makeover that will appeal both to Massgoers and to the TV viewing audience at home. Above, the maroon carpet that had covered the entire sanctuary was removed, allowing the altar area to be finished with real wood.

A new blue carpet covers the rest of the sanctuary. The wood floor could not be extended throughout the sanctuary because it is necessary to have access to the burial vaults, which are reserved as tombs for the archbishops of New Orleans. Archbishop Philip Hannan was buried in a sanctuary vault in 2011.

The archdiocese, in partnership with WLAE TV, has installed five new high-definition, remotely controlled television cameras to provide much sharper images of liturgical events. A new control center above the sacristy will coordinate the action. Also, the archdiocese can now live-stream major events at

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