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Rouglas José Cletus Odor - Pre-Theology II

➤ Nickname: Rouge (pronounced Roo-gie)
➤ Age: 25
➤ Seminary year: 2nd year Pre-Theology, Notre Dame Seminary
➤ Home parish: St. Patrick, New Orleans
➤ Elementary School: St. Rita, Harahan
➤ High School:  Jesuit High School
➤ College: West Virginia University, Fordham University, the University of New Orleans
➤ Confirmation saint: St. Cletus
➤ Why did you choose this saint? At the time I was not a practicing Catholic, so when time came to pick a saint, I allowed humor to be my guide. Once I found out that the character named Cletus in the movie “Nutty Professor” shared the same name as the martyred third pope of Rome, the rest was history. Not to mention that the name Cletus sounds fantastic between Rouglas and Odor!
➤ Favorite food: Free
➤ Favorite book/movie/TV show: Anything that authentically expresses the human experience and uplifts the soul.
➤ Favorite feasts of the church: Easter
➤ Would you rather walk, run, bike or swim? Surf
➤ Would you rather cook or go out to eat? I’d rather go home and eat the famous dirty rice of my beautiful Mom. I love you, Mom!
➤ Would you rather vacation at the beach or in the mountains? Neither! I’d rather go to an island that has both! Like New Zealand!
➤ What else would you like to share? I have a pet goat named Henry, a little brother who is taller than me, and my dad once got my car out of a “hole” when three bystanders (a doctor, lawyer and an engineer) all told him that he could not do it and that he would need to call a tow truck. My dad disregarded their suggestions, and, to their amazement, built a ramp himself in a short time using simple tools from his shed. We drove away triumphantly, a smiling dad and a proud son.

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