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Clarion Herald captures four major awards at Catholic Media Convention!

The Clarion Herald captured four major awards at the 2012 Catholic Media Conference in Indianapolis June 20-22, including first-place recognition for best newspaper website ( and for best “one-shot” special section (“A Hero's Life”) devoted to the life of the late Archbishop Philip M. Hannan.

In addition, Clarion Herald editor Peter Finney Jr. won two third-place awards for best general commentary column and for best sports column or feature.

The Clarion Herald launched its redesigned website, designed by art director-web master Lloyd Robichaux, in August 2011. The new website was designed completely in-house.

The judges commented: “Stellar redesign – lead rotating stories at the top and frequently updated content makes this a site to emulate.”

Archbishop Hannan died Sept. 29, 2011, at the age of 98 and had served as the 11th archbishop of New Orleans from 1965-88. The 36-page tribute section was published a few days following his death and was available to readers as they showed up in record numbers to pay their respects as his body lay in state at Notre Dame Seminary.

Because there were so many vintage photos of Archbishop Hannan, the staff decided to use a “scrapbook” style for the section, which included easy-to-read captions and brief reflections on his life.


The judges noted: “Scrapbook-style layout is clever and inviting. Highlights key aspects of a rich, remarkable life. Very thorough, detailed job. Could put a hard cover on it and sell it in stores.”

The section was designed by Robichaux and senior art director Cheryl Dejoie-LaCabe. The entire Archbishop Hannan section can be accessed on the Clarion Herald website. Individual copies of the section are available for $3 by calling the Clarion Herald at 596-3035.


Finney submitted three columns in the general commentary category: “Sister, why is it easier to get a gun than a job?”; “Walter Bonam's faith, perseverance amazing gifts”; and “The blue tongue of Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly.”

The judges wrote: “Peter Finney is a storyteller – a good one. In his stories about Marvin Watts, Walter Bonam and Brian Kelly, he appeals to each of us to look at our own lives.”

Finney's sports column, “CCC: Inspiration, perspiration and hallucination,” described the rigors of running the annual 10K. “Nice personalized reflection,” the judges said. “Ties the Garden of Eden, Lenten asceticism and N'Awlins culture into sports.”