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St. Augustine High School supports plan

St. Augustine High School president and chief operating officer Oyd J. Craddock issued the following statement Oct. 3 on the Office of Catholic Schools grade-level restructure plan:

Dear Community,

The following statement was released to the press regarding St. Augustine's future grade level structure. The Board's decision to remove 6th and 7th grades over the next few years triggered the resignation of the Board Chairman and this is being covered by the news media.

Please note that ST. AUGUSTINE WILL HAVE GRADES 6-12 NEXT SCHOOL YEAR and we are excited to welcome all prospective parents and students to our Open House on October 29th, 5:30pm - 8:00pm. More information will be forthcoming.

A Statement from St. Augustine High School
Mr. Justin Augustine, Acting Board Chairman, Mr. Oyd Craddock, President, and Father Roderick Coates, SSJ, Chief Religious Officer

The board and leadership of St. Augustine High School have made the decision to phase out its 6th and 7th grades in the upcoming years to comply with the Catholic schools strategic plan.

We are grateful for the ongoing dialogue and cooperation between our school and the archdiocese and to Archbishop Aymond for granting us the opportunity to phase in this change based on our school's specific situation.

This is not without its challenges, but St. Augustine High School has a rich tradition and will continue to serve our students, their families and our alumni.

We are excited about the possibilities for our future and encourage our school community to take this opportunity to recommit themselves to our mission.

Oyd J. Craddock
President and CEO

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