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Christian Brothers School will go to K-7 model

Joey Scaffidi, president/principal of Christian Brothers School, says his school, which currently offers grades 5-7 for boys, will become K-7.

"From Day 1, we have been faithful to the aspects of the strategic plan and did a study to see whether or not we could transform to the grade-level configuration of K-7. In our study we encountered some logistical challenges in doing so. We encountered some financial challenges, enough that we applied for a waiver. Not having received the waiver and having read press release today from the archdiocese, clearly, Christian Brothers School desires to continue to offer a Catholic, Lasallian education to our students. Clearly, we desire working with Archbishop Aymond and the superintendent to implement the strategic plan. So we are, frankly, excited about the development of a proposal whereby we can maintain the academic excellence of the Christian Brothers' program but to do so within the context of a K-7 structure.

"Any ideas that we have have to be run by the Christian Brothers and my board of trustees. It's so premature in the process, but we're excited about the opportunity to come up with a solution that does maintain our quality program but within that K-7 structure that the archbishop and superintendent are asking us to look at. We would be adding kindergarten through fourth grades.

"Because we are so different from most of the other schools, it did require, I think, probably a bit more research, inquiry, investigation and exploration. So we did invest quite a bit of time from the moment that it was announced back in May that we should begin studying the plan. Over the course of time, we did realize that there are some logistical challenges, from the physical plant of our campus to financial challenges. "Because they were challenges, we felt like a waiver was appropriate. But we want to remain Catholic, and we want to support the archbishop's initiatives, so we are looking at a plan that will strive to maintain our quality program but in that K-7 structure."





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