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Holy Cross: We will offer grades K-12

Charles DiGange, headmaster of Holy Cross School, responds to the archdiocesan plan for uniform grade-level structures. Holy Cross currently offers grades 5-12. It will become K-12.

"We've already started working with the archdiocese on compliance, and basically we're doing the feasibility study of us becoming a K-12 school. Right now we're 5-12. So, working with the archdiocese and the archbishop, our path forward is to look at the financial feasibility of becoming a K-12 school.

"This would be an addition to (our current school) because right now we're a very small school, and intentionally, we did that. Our business model only has 225 students in the middle school, 150 in the eighth grade and 650 in the high school. When we built this place, by design, we were constructed as a small school. We never wanted to get to 1,200 or 1,300 students at the upper end. Our buildings are built just to hold 1,025 students. For us to add additional grade levels, that would be an addition to (the current school). We can't cut what we already have because we're already small.

"We really can't roll out a plan yet because we're still in the planning stages. All we know is we're going to be working with the archdiocese to come into compliance to become a K-12 school.

"It's difficult because we requested a waiver to stay like we are, and we really felt that we had ample documentation to prove that it was a good thing to do. When we were denied that request, there was a Plan B. Basically a Plan B would mean you would have to look at a configuration of a K-12 school – as sort of an Ursuline or a Sacred Heart, on the girls' side. We would be the only boys' school that would be K-12.

"(The new grades) would not be on this campus. It probably would have to be at a remote location, very much like Sacred Heart does with their lower school on the other side of Napoleon Avenue. We'd probably have to look at some model like that. It's in the very infant stages."



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