‘Ministry Focus Team' members for synod

Seventy-three members of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, representing parishes, schools and a variety of Catholic organizations, have been named by Archbishop Gregory Aymond to serve on seven Ministry Focus Teams as part of the archdiocese’s Ninth General Synod.

The seven Ministry Focus Teams will meet over the next several months to evaluate information received in the synod’s 17 consultative sessions, conducted from May through September, about ministries that the archdiocese is doing well, could be doing better or should offer if it is not currently doing so.

Archbishop Aymond said each team will look first at its own area of expertise and discuss what it believes should be “the next steps regarding their area.” Then each team will suggest three to five priorities for ministry for the entire archdiocese, whether or not that falls under its area.

Members of the seven Ministry Focus Teams are:

– Education and Formation: Anne Bauer, Daisy Gurdian, Kate Coyne, Barbara Fleischer, Susan Munster, Daughter of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Sister Sandy Nguyen, Tom Neal, Maureen Wright, Benita Plaisance, Karen Henderson, Cissy Laforge and Father Kyle Dave.

– Evangelization and Discipleship: Brandon Briscoe, Daughter of St. Paul Sister Tracey Dugas, Tim Kettenring, Jewell Bayhi, Zaida Vargas, Heidi Bergeron, Richard Cheri, Daniella Zsupan-Jerome and Bob Breck.

– Governance and Finance: Eric Gallagher, Father Robert Cooper, Deacon Lloyd Huck, Henry Friloux, Jack Jensen, Dr. Cynthia Thomas, Penny Francis, Scott Cabes, Jackie Haas, Viet Quynh and William Finegan.

– Marriage, Family and Youth: Ray Augustin, Jason Angelette, Henri Reed, Elizabeth Joubert, Deacon Thomas Lotz, Joy Zainey, Teresian Sister Marina Aranzabal, Father William O’Riordan and Ariel Roland.

– Sacraments and Worship: Alma Cartagena, Anthony Carter, Arthine Powers, Father Ken Allen, Brenda Castillo, Dreux Montegut, Michelle Richards and Ray Riviere.

– Social Justice and Outreach: Alena Boucree, Sandra Gordon, Angela Thomas, Tommie Vassel, Father Emile (Buddy) Noel III, Presentation Sister Vera Butler, Cyndi Nguyen, Jesuit Father Fred Kammer, Deacon William Jarrell, Deacon Leo Tran, Sal Longoria and Deacon Rudy Rayfield.

– Vocations to the Priesthood, Diaconate and Religious Life: Lisa Benoit, Brian Butler, Father Daniel Green, Deacon Reginald Seymour, Janeen Rodrigue, Christian Brother John Casey, Teresian Sister Isabel Ordono, David Ducote, School Sister of Notre Dame Elizabeth Willems, Ross Boudreaux, Kristin Hode and Mary Grace Kelley.

The work of the Ministry Focus Teams will dovetail with the Synod Leadership Team, a 12-member group that will receive input from the Ministry Focus Teams and eventually craft proposed priorities for the archdiocese over the next three to five years.

Archbishop Aymond said each of the priorities will have goals and objectives spelled out, and they will be measurable and have a date for completion.

The synod will culminate with a written plan that will be promulgated with a Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Louis Cathedral on the Feast of Pentecost, May 24, 2015.

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