Rosary Congress kicks off at Sisters of Mount Carmel

The 2012 Greater New Orleans Rosary Con-gress opened Oct. 6 in front of the mother-house of the Sisters of Mount Carmel on Rob-ert E. Lee Boulevard.

Mount Carmel freshman Emilie Redmann was chosen to crown the statue of the Blessed Mother, which Deacon John Pippenger of St. Dominic Church blessed with holy water.

Participants in the rosary procession recited the rosary en route to St. Dominic Church on Harrison Avenue. The Mount Carmel chorale also sang hymns to Mary as the walk got underway.

In a brief reflection before the procession, Deacon Pippenger said the Blessed Mother, under the title Our Lady of Victory, can protect people from “the trials and tribulations of life.”

Deacon Pippenger added, “We have a world that doesn’t always believe. We must reclaim our church, reclaim our faith and reclaim our belief in the power of Jesus to overcome all evil.” The Congress was scheduled to run through Oct. 12 at St. Dominic, with Masses at noon and 7:30 p.m. daily.

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