A fresh start to the school year

This fall, school cafeterias enrolled in the National School Lunch Program began offering their students a daily option of whole, fresh fruit as a supplement to their already nutritious meals. “They love it! They go crazy for (the fruit)!” said St. Catherine of Siena cafeteria technician Andrea Barnett, as she worked with cafeteria manager Cindy Benfatti to check out students at the register Sept. 1. “Whatever Ms. Cindy puts out there, they eat it up,” Barnett said. (Photos by Beth Donze)


Dorothy Lafleur (left) and Andrea Barnett carry baskets of fresh fruit to St. Catherine of Siena’s lunch line. Oranges and apples are available daily, while bananas are offered less frequently, due to their shorter shelf life.


Nathan Hannan, a St. Catherine of Siena fourth grader, mulls over his lunchtime options ahead of his classmate, Jake Borrows. Many students chose fruit in addition to the other dessert offered on Sept. 1: brownies.