Mission Statement

The Clarion Herald is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. 
The Archbishop of New Orleans is the publisher and president.

The Clarion Herald is an extension in the print media of the teaching authority of the archbishop. Therefore, it must always and at all times present Catholic teaching in an orthodox, authentic and balanced manner. Its mission and goals proceed from this fundamental reality.

The mission of the Clarion Herald, therefore, is to enable its readers to grow in their Catholic faith, to develop as mature, well-informed Catholics and to deepen their commitment to and relationship with the Lord, their Catholic faith and their Church.

Flowing from this mission, the Clarion Herald
strives to achieve the following goals:

  • To be an instrument for evangelization, catechesis and renewal.
  • To present news of interest to Catholics on a local, national and international 
  • level and to offer, when appropriate, analysis and opinion.
  • To be a regular source of Catholic information, inspiration and education.
  • To present Gospel values for living a life of faith in today's society.
  • The Clarion Herald strives to accomplish this mission and these goals by providing a professionally distinguished weekly newspaper that contains news of Pope Benedict XVI,
  • the Archbishop of New Orleans and other Catholic leaders, that addresses current issues of interest and special significance to Catholics, that explores, where appropriate, the religious dimensions of local and world events, and that is appealing to the diversity of the population of the archdiocese.

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