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Downtown churches set Holy Week, Easter services Written by Clarion Herald
Peregrinación del Apostolado Hispano a Tierra Santa Written by Clarion Herald
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Divine Mercy devotion begins April 3 Written by Clarion Herald
Engineer connects algebra to world for girls Written by Clarion Herald
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Couples benefit from marriage talk Written by J Foltz
Father J.P. Grenham loved God, his parishioners Written by Christine Bordelon
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Rich symbols abound in a bishop’s ordination Written by Clarion Herald
A family’s joy is complete Written by Clarion Herald
There’s pep in his step Written by Peter Finney Jr.
SSA senior earns scholarship Written by Christine
Las emociones humanas de Jesús 3-21-15 Written by Padre Luis Henao, Apostolado Hispano
Guía práctica para el examen de conciencia, para la confesión Written by Arzobispo Gregory M. Aymond
Panel reveals to Chapelle students what ‘real love’ is Written by Jesse Dupuy, Contributing Writer
O, happy day! Written by Clarion Herald
A Holy Year of Mercy Written by Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service
Bishop-elect Fernand Cheri III, O.F.M. Section Written by admin
Father Smullen was always attentive to God’s children Written by Beth Donze
St. Joseph Altars throughout the archdiocese Written by Clarion Herald
Family close to St. Joe Written by Stefanie Nuccio, St. Scholastica Academy
Mass focuses on violence, racism Written by Brian Cooper, Contributing Writer
Islamic State attacks prompt Christians’ calls for help Written by Dale Gavlak, Catholic News Service

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